September 29, 2007

When buying keyboard...

While there are many guides on th net for what to look for when buying keyboard, They seem to miss this...something I learned the hard way..

You'd sure check the functions,sounds demos etc.We' d even check whether the keys are ok & on same level- otherwise it would easily catch the eye right?There lies the problem.In my case the keyboard looked perfect when I saw it in the showroom. It was only after I got home & had a look at it from a distance I noticed the undulation of the keys - some were up or down - just not perfectly on same level.

It wouldn't cause any hinder when playing the keyboard, but I could do without it.

So if you are buying a keyboard, step back a few feet & see if the keys are all on the same level.


September 27, 2007

Tamil Film Songs Sheet Music

There is treasure trove of tamil film songs sheet music @
Scores for all the instruments in a song have been included in the sheets in a neat PDF format.
Oh yes,there are sheet music for AR Rahman songs well,although not all.


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September 26, 2007

Akkam pakkam...

Akkam pakkam (Kireedom)...A song that didn't have any big impact for the first few times - but suddenly came to haunt me from nowhere the other day & got me hooked! Its been a long time since such a effect happened to me..Earlier Rahman songs did that (I say earlier because Sivaji was instant fun :) ). Kudos GV Prakash....Keep up the tempo!

Another recent song worthy of mention is Dharan's O Nenje & Mayavi Neeya (Sivi)..totally different music without the normal structuring of a song...was like freestyle but was enjoyable.
I think the use of synthesizer sounds in these songs were important factors for appealing to the youth .Guess, we are going to see more Dharan style Synths in tamil film music in coming days.


September 4, 2007

Chennai FM station online

Came to know Aaha FM is streaming their broadcast online live...

There is a lag compared to listening through a radio set, but the quality is superior(128 Kbps).

Suryan Fm is also available online
However,I could not get it to work on IE.

List of Radio Stations in Chennai (FM & AM)

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September 2, 2007

India drives into Formula 1

With the successfull bid of Vijay Mallya for the Spykar team, for the first time we will have an Indian team in Formula 1. We can look up to some Indian action at the F1 Circuit - Narain Karthikeyan might have a better chance now.


Resources for Learning Keyboard & Guitar Online

Here's a list of sites which have a lot of info on Chords,notes,technicalities etc for Indian songs - for Electronic Keyboard & Guitar.

Tutorial to learn keyboard for Indian songs
(Keyboard Basics)

Harmonium Keyboard desi style

Carnatic ragas

Carnatic Music Forum

Virtual piano keyboard online

Sheet Music

Tamil film songs sheet music

Western/English songs sheet music

Chord finder

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Artificial Life - in 3 - 10 years

Do we want it ?
Scary stuff!!

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