July 16, 2010

The new Indian Rupee symbol


July 12, 2010

Komaram Puli (Telugu) A.R.Rahman

I dont understand Telugu & this is not a review.
Just some thoughts on Komaram Puli.

Power star - A high voltage song for the hero.Don't know why they do a 'BLUE' again in 3:15 ! :)
Namakame - My pick from the album, a devotional melody.Reminds me of so many songs - Primarily Mettu Podu (Duet), Konja naal poru thalaiva (Aasai). I guess that's Ananda bhairavi raaga's effect.

Maham Maye - Interesting to see Suchitra in a ARR album (don't remember seeing her earlier.)
She sings with the same style as in her recent hits but ARR seems to have given it a layer of polish.

Dochey - Lady Kash'n krissy impressive in this one. 3:34 - 3:37 strikingly reminds me of another number but am unable to pin it down.

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July 7, 2010

Definition link is back on Google search

The definition link that google has earlier removed from the search results has now been restored!
So no need to type in the "define:" keyword to lookup dictionary meanings.

Update 9/7/2010: Just a day after bringing the feature back, Google has again taken the definition link down.
Whats happening? Is it testing?

Update 13/7/2010: Ok. A revamped dictionary is now displayed for word searches on Google.
Infact this is even better than the original definition link. The meaning is provided along with search results. Just hope this one stays.

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