January 31, 2008

How to transfer files using bittorrent

If you need to transfer large files to just one person, it is possible with bittorrent.It involves few steps though - the most important being that the file sharer's computer acts as the tracker.

Poromenos has a nice short tutorial for this in flash.

File transfer using bittorrent is quite easy after all!

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January 19, 2008

Ariyatha Manasu interlude on keyboard

Just found it catchy & easy. Made a video after a long time..

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January 12, 2008

Looping songs

It is not often that I listen to songs in loop, but recently I did for these two songs.

The first is Unnarugil varugayil from the movie Kaloori composed by Joshua Sridhar.

The other is Paravayin Kootil from Tamizh MA (Katrathu tamizh).The combination of Yuvan + Illayaraja really works for this one, with Yuvan's Illayaraja style soulful tune & Illayaraja's voice doing the magic for the song.

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