November 26, 2006

Remove Recycle bin from desktop

For those who want to get rid of Recycle bin from their desktop,without messing with registry,follow these simple steps.
[Works with Windows XP]

1.Goto Start->Run. Type "Gpedit.msc" & hit "Ok".

2.In the "Group Policy" Screen that appears, navigate to to User configuration->Administrative Templates -> Desktop (Click the plus sign).

3.Now select the option "Removes Recycle Bin icon from the desktop" .Right click ->Properties-> Enabled.

4.Press OK & Close. Now refresh the desktop & the Recycle bin is gone.

The functionality of the recycle bin is still available by other methods.Only the icon is removed.


November 25, 2006

Using Firefox's session saver feature

The session restore feature in Firefox 2.0 is very useful in the even of a crash - It brings back all the tabs that were open before. However,what if you want save the session voluntarily and return to it later? I was not able to find any option in firefox to do that.The new 'restore session' seems to work only in the even of a crash.

Agreed,there is a Extension particularly for this purpose called "SessionSaver".
I prefer not installing extensions,and employ a workaround - Simply hit Ctrl+Shift+Esc and kill firefox.exe. The next time you start firefox the session is back. Yes,this a rudimentary and a rather crude way of doing it - but it does the job. For full functionality there's always the add-on.


November 10, 2006

Guru fever begins !

The veil has been partially lifted on Mani Ratnam's much awaited movie 'Guru'. A short trailer of the movie featuring the song "Tere Bina - Dham dhara dham" is out in the internet. It lasts only for about 30 seconds,but the song is really captivating with its soulful melody sung by A.R.Rahman himself.

Mani's visuals perfectly compliments the music as usual, shot at nightfall decorated with thousands of dazzling lights - From what i can make out this one seems to be the song reported to be shot in Madurai's famed Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal (This is the first time film shooting has been permitted there).

The music is expected to be out on November 18.Till then,Dham dhara dham dhara dhum !!

(Video source:ucanalways)