September 13, 2006

Newyork Nagaram Video Starring A R Rahman

Finally the video is done !

Some notes:

1.Most of the content in the video is Newyork itself,that too at night time & yea, features ARR singing!

2.Many parts of the video have been made to sync with the tamil meaning.So its better if you know the meaning of the lyrics.

3.This video is made of clips from various sources - see it & you will know from where!!


September 8, 2006

Is your PC ready for HD-DVD?

Check with this software from Cyberlink.

Here's how ready one of my PC's is!
OK,the recommended processor is Core 2 Duo!!Seriously.


September 5, 2006

The Keyboard that Rahman plays

Thanks to Bharath,now I know that ARR plays the Roland Fantom X series keyboard among various others in his possession . Here are some pics of the keyboard that the Boss plays (from internet)

Good chance that the beautiful Munbe Vaa rolled on this one!

Also check out this awesome song on the keyboard by a person called Darkein.

Absolute melody.

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September 1, 2006 Statistics Snapshot

Total Videos : 6.1 Million

Total Views : 1.73 billion

Net video size : 45 Terabyte = 45,000 GB

Views per day :100 million

Videos added per day : 65,000+

Registered users : 500,000 +

Employees : 50 (2006)

Total time the people of the
world spent watching YouTube
[since it started in Dec 2005 ] : 9,305 years !

Profit / Loss since inception : ????

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