August 15, 2007

List of Nokia Phones affected by BL-5C battery recall

To know the nokia phone model numbers that use BL-5C as the battery, check at Nokia's website here.

You can also check if the product identification number of the battery qualifies for replacement at that page.

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August 12, 2007

ICL Launches website

What BCCI has not done,the Indian Cricket League has done.It has launched their website :

Aspiring cricketers can submit applications to ICL at the website.


August 11, 2007

Bheema - Music by Harris Jeyaraj

Bheema Music Review

1. Ragasiya Kanavugal-Hariharan , Madhushree
2. Mudhal Mazhai-Prasanna, Hariharan, Mahathi
3. Oru mugamo-Krish, Naresh Iyer
4. Enadhuyirae- Chinmayi, Sadhna Sargam, Sowmya Rao, Nikhil Mathew
5. Siru paarvayalae- Karthik, Harini
6. Rangu rangamma-Vijay Yesudoss, Kailash Kher, Swarnalatha
7. Mudhal mazhai-Prasanna, Hariharan, Mahathi

Mudhal Mazhai - A feel good song sung by Hariharan & Mahathi. Mahathi's voice has been utilized well in this song.Like this one. (Just dont bother the starting sound thats strikingly similar to the Ah AAh BGM Theme music No:11)

Ragasiya Kanavugal - A soft enjoyable love song rendered clearly by Hariharan & Madhusree. Makes me think someone else with a more melodious female voice could have been chosen for female lead,especially since the hangover of her voice in Uankul naane (Pachai Killi Muthucharam) lasts.
The chorus for this simple tune makes it very catchy.

Rangu Rangamma - A folk number.Nothing new in this - except that there is a liberal amount of Rahman's "Veerapandi Kotayile" (Thiruda Thiruda) in the interlude.

Siru Paarvayalae - A fast song in trademark Harris' style we are very well used to.Another thatfollows the recent trend in TFM of starting with arabic (or other weird) words.

Enadhuyirae begins with sounds that reminds of starting bits 'ti du ta du du' from 'Konjam Mainakale' - Kandukondain Kandukondain & 'Nathiye' - Rhythm.
A slow melody sung primarily by Sadhana Sargam & Nikhil Mathew (The Airtel super singer winner).The way Nikhil's voice has been used make it seem so much like Naresh Iyers' in Mayilirage (Ah Aah) .
!:40-1:55 resembles so much -> "Onna iruntha nyabagatha nejodu sethuvachu
thaniya irukom valliya mattum thaniya anibavicha" from Paakatha - (Aaru)
Didn't impress me.

Oru Mugamo sounds more of the back ground music type for Vikram.The background beats used
are too familiar.Harris could have used some newer unheard loops.

Bheema songs are not a total let down for me.Ragasiya & Mudhal Mazhai are my pick.


August 8, 2007

Copy text in Windows just like in Linux

I had been searching for a software that would bring the copy style of Linux to windows - which is - any selected text gets copied to clipboard automatically without having to click another time to copy.Similarly, paste is just a click on middle button.

While I haven't found a software that has this functionality throughout windows, there is a software - a firefox add-on actually called 'Auto Copy'- that does it.

Another add-on that goes along with it is 'Copy Plain Text', that removes the formatting data that also gets copied usually when you copy something - the things like Font design,colour,font size & other annoyances. So no more using notepad to get the plain text!

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Himesh Reshammiya's music for Kamal's Dasavatharam

I've been keeping my fingers crossed about Himesh Reshammiya's music for Dasavatharam.He is talented alright.His music could be fresh to tamil cinema (Imagine Jhalak Dhiklaja in tamil :p).

My hopes have taken a dip after listening for his music for the Bharathiraja's Bommalattam starring Nana Patekar, Arjun and Kajal Agarwal.

After all K.S.Ravi Kumar & Kamal hassan would get it right isnt't it! Lets hope so!

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August 5, 2007

When Google changes its indexing method

...Traffic drops! - for popular sites. But yes,other sites would have been promoted to the top result post & would have got a boost.

But sites depending on google's traffic for existence should be ready to be taken off guard with their index method change anytime!!

Wired article


India's super power dream...

Education is the primary requirement - although not the only - for India to become a super power & more importantly to hold on to that position when it does reach that.


A realistic description of Mumbai...

A description of mumbai with realty this IHT article..

Dirty, crowded, rich and wonderful by Suketu Mehta

(Which,I guess is a excerpt from the book Maximum City: Mumbai Lost and Found )