August 19, 2012

3G 2G Internet Tethering on Airtel/ Indian networks

Tethering is the concept that allows you to share the internet connection your mobile phone has with
any other device that you'd like to connect.

On the iPhone iOS 5 , you will need to enable the 'Personal Hotspot' option (Settings->General->Network->Personal Hotspot -> Slide switch to ON.

Now you can connect your laptop to the phone with USB/wifi and start accessing internet straight away.
No special network configuration on the laptop is required.

If you see the 'Personal Hotspot' option but  get  a message "To enable personal hotspot please contact Airtel "  insttead of   "on/off slide",  simply go the previous screen and return back to the network page
and you will see the on/off slide. If not, repeat process with restart.
No call to airtel is required to enable.

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Blogger Anandarajeshwaran.J said...

Hi I am planning to get a 4gb data plan on Airtel 3g and use the wifi hotspot feature in Android to connect my laptop to internet. Does Airtel allow this?

May 14, 2014  

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