June 22, 2016

Tapet - save wallaper in android

If you like some of the wallpapers Tapet generates and want to save it, it is very easy. No need to hunt in any temporary or system folder. The option is available right in Tapet app itself on top corner with a save button.

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June 19, 2016

Google keep keyboard shortcuts - Quick and easy

Hit ? in Google Keep to bring up the shortcut list.

December 25, 2012

Free alternative to Microsoft Excel for text to column

Not everyone needs a full blown spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel.
Some just need a spreadsheet program to do the basic stuff.
There are quite a few software's that are a real alternative to Excel.

Following are all free :
1. Gnumeric - This is a light weight stand alone alternative. Even has text to column functionality.
If you are stuck with Office starter version and need text to column functionality, you can  straight away get this. Very useful.

2. Open office Calc - This has much elaborate functionality.  One downside is, Calc alone cannot be downloaded. The entire office suite of openoffice has to be downloaded. You can install Calc alone though.

3. Byedesign -  Shareware.

December 23, 2012

Best free alternative to itunes to copy/add music to iPhone/Ipod

There are some well known software available that perform the task of allowing you  to add music to ipod/iphones - like Sharepod, Yamipod etc.

Those are pretty straight forward to use for iPods.
However for iphone there are very few options - most of these software's work fine with iPod only and not iPhone. Reason being design limitations, to changes to iOS itself with each new version among others

There are others that are published to work for iPhone but have been flagged by many to contain malware/spyware.

After considerable research, the alternative seems to be MediaMonkey

Although I knew it as a music player, music management software, it was a surprise to me that it could handle music transfer to the idevices as well.

Once you have mediamonkey installed and songs added to the library, simply right click and hit 'send to iPhone'. The song would get transferred.

* Hassles free.Does the job.
* No malware worries (Well known popular software)
* Free

* Recently added playlist does not get populated in iPhone using this method.

You could also try with other music players software like Winamp for similar functionality.(I have not tried)

August 30, 2012

Income Tax India Efiling AY 2012-2013

Until last year the income tax department was providing two option for preparing returns - using Excel or PDF file.  However, this year one needs to have Microsoft excel full version installed.This is the only way to prepare returns for efiling this year.

Those having Microsoft Excel starter edition are out of luck- they cannot be used as they do not support Macros.


August 19, 2012

3G 2G Internet Tethering on Airtel/ Indian networks

Tethering is the concept that allows you to share the internet connection your mobile phone has with
any other device that you'd like to connect.

On the iPhone iOS 5 , you will need to enable the 'Personal Hotspot' option (Settings->General->Network->Personal Hotspot -> Slide switch to ON.

Now you can connect your laptop to the phone with USB/wifi and start accessing internet straight away.
No special network configuration on the laptop is required.

If you see the 'Personal Hotspot' option but  get  a message "To enable personal hotspot please contact Airtel "  insttead of   "on/off slide",  simply go the previous screen and return back to the network page
and you will see the on/off slide. If not, repeat process with restart.
No call to airtel is required to enable.

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August 11, 2012

How to goto Gmail Basic version directly

 If you are on a slow network or want to access mails quickly you can directly log in into Gmail Basic vrision using this URL 

Thr Login page displayed in this case is same as the normal one, but takes you directly to Basic view.