July 26, 2016

Guide to eating vegetarian at Us fast food and restaurants

Here's a quick guide to ordering vegetarian dishes at popular food joints in US. 

Burger King
BK veggie burger - Comes with veggie patty, tomato lettuce, pickles.  If you'd like more vegetables ask for "Heavy vegetables".
They use the morning star veggie patty.

Taco Bell
Seven layer burrito
Black bean and rice
Chalupa - Ask to"Replace beef with beans"

Oat meal cereal
Yoghurt Parfait
French fries are not recommended.

Buffalo wild wings
Bean burger with Bean patty
Onion Rings

Veggie Delite sub with veggie patty (available only in some places)

Penn Station
Grilled veggie sub
Artichoke sub

Noodles & Company
Pad Thai noodles and plenty other. Refer the menu on their site.

Panera Bread
Mediterranean sandwich

Mac and cheese
Baked Potato (or Sweet potato)

Olive Garden
Minestrone soup - Contains only beans
Salad provided with combo is veggie by default.
one or two items in entree and main menu. Item keeps changing

Sofritas bowl/burrito
Veggie bowl/burrito

Veggie Tacos
Veggie Burrito & bowl

Pizza Hut
Make your own pizza with veggie toppings
Garden lovers pizza

Texas Road House
Mac n Cheese
Baked Potato
Cheese ball/Fries
Onion rings

Red Robin
Veggie Burger
Several other burger's can be replaced with "Veggie Patty"

How to Enable DTMF on Nexus 5 running Android 6 Marshmallow

Unlike the recent phones, there is no separate setting to Enable/Disable DTMF in Nexus 5.
However, if you are facing issue with touch tone dialing, you can find the setting to change  under Settings->Accessibility-> "Touch and hold delay". Change to Medium or Long. This fixes the touch tone/dialpad not working during a call. At least it did for me. A small downside is you will need to press the keys longer, but it will work!