February 17, 2007

Secure your Gmail Account

Gmail In the unfortunate event that you are unable to access your Gmail account even though you think you typed the password correctly (Yes, it can happen.Some malicious virus/hack could mess things up or you just plain forgot the password),Gmail offers to email the password to the secondary email address you have given.

If you haven't already, In Gmail go to Settings -> Account -> Change Security Question ->
Secondary email:

Enter your alternate email address & Save.

You may think this is trivial, but you'll be glad you have done this if there's some problem in the future.


February 3, 2007

List of Radio Stations in Chennai (FM & AM)

List of FM Radio stations in Chennai

Radio City 91.1 MHz

Aahaa FM 91.9 MHz
(Kumudam Publications)

Big 92.7 92.7 MHz
(Anil Dhirubai Ambani Group)

Suryan FM 93.5 MHz
(Sun Network)

Radio One 94.3 MHz

Radio Mirchi 98.3 MHz
(Times Group)

Gyan Vani (IGNOU) 104.2 MHz

Chennai Live 104.8 Mhz
(English Radio)

FM Gold (AIR) 105.0 MHz

Hello FM 106.4 MHz
(Malar Publications)

FM Rainbow (AIR) 107.1 MHz

Community FM Radio stations in Chennai

Anna FM 90.4 MHz
(Anna University)
~5.30 p.m - 9.30 p.m (live programs) and 6AM-10AM (repeat broadcast)~

Loyola FM 90.8 MHz
(Loyola College)

M.O.P FM 91.2 MHz
( M.O.P.Vaishnav College)
~ 6.30 a.m - 7.30 a.m and 6 p.m - 7 p.m (repeat broadcast) ~

AM Radio stations in Chennai

Chennai A 720 KHz
(Short wave 60.98m) 4920 MHz

Chennai B 1017 KHz

Chennai-Vividh Bharathi 783 KHz

Tiruchi 936 KHz

Worldspace-Satellite Radio

KL Radio Tamil Channel 105

Shruti 232

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February 2, 2007

Day of Errors at Blogspot

Today is certainly a day of errors at blogger - 3 different errors within a few hours that left various blogspot pages inaccessible (including this one).

Of the three, " bX-vjhbsj" error is the new one that absolutely prevented loading any page from my blogspot domain just after publishing.Thankfully the people at blogger have fixed it now.


February 1, 2007

Sachin Tendulkar - Number of 'Man of the Match' Awards (ODI)

This graph was generated using data from

The information in this chart is based on data as of 1 February 2007.


Second Life to get a Swedish Embassy?

Its hard not to have come across the term 'Second Life' (SL)on the internet of late.Its suppose to be a virtual world which mimics real world with community,places etc but its not exactly a game - there are no points,winners or levels.

This virtual world has become so prominent that many real world companies have a presence in the virtual world - recently there was even a Vista launch on party in SL.

And now,Sweden is supposedly to open a embassy in SL so that they can provide info about their country & help people in SL -

May be I should try it someday just to see what's inside!

Vista launch in Second Life


What is Second Life?
Second hype or second life? (BBC)