July 12, 2010

Komaram Puli (Telugu) A.R.Rahman

I dont understand Telugu & this is not a review.
Just some thoughts on Komaram Puli.

Power star - A high voltage song for the hero.Don't know why they do a 'BLUE' again in 3:15 ! :)
Namakame - My pick from the album, a devotional melody.Reminds me of so many songs - Primarily Mettu Podu (Duet), Konja naal poru thalaiva (Aasai). I guess that's Ananda bhairavi raaga's effect.

Maham Maye - Interesting to see Suchitra in a ARR album (don't remember seeing her earlier.)
She sings with the same style as in her recent hits but ARR seems to have given it a layer of polish.

Dochey - Lady Kash'n krissy impressive in this one. 3:34 - 3:37 strikingly reminds me of another number but am unable to pin it down.

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