November 25, 2006

Using Firefox's session saver feature

The session restore feature in Firefox 2.0 is very useful in the even of a crash - It brings back all the tabs that were open before. However,what if you want save the session voluntarily and return to it later? I was not able to find any option in firefox to do that.The new 'restore session' seems to work only in the even of a crash.

Agreed,there is a Extension particularly for this purpose called "SessionSaver".
I prefer not installing extensions,and employ a workaround - Simply hit Ctrl+Shift+Esc and kill firefox.exe. The next time you start firefox the session is back. Yes,this a rudimentary and a rather crude way of doing it - but it does the job. For full functionality there's always the add-on.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can set the session restore feature to resume every session as you left it by going to Tools > Options > Main > Startup > When Firefox starts: and choose "Show my windows and tabs from last time." You're not the only one to have missed this option--I couldn't find it until I read someone else's directions, although once you find it, it seems an obvious place to put it!

November 26, 2006  
Blogger in2mind said...

Thanks for the tip.

A small trade off is that,it saves the session "every" time instead of only when we want to.

The next version would fix it I guess.

November 26, 2006  

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