October 29, 2006

How to fix a broken Firefox 2.0

My problems with Firefox started from version 1.5 . Memory leaks were there before too,but got worse with 1.5. Add to that a new problem of high CPU utilization.Within a few hours from start,firefox's CPU usage would climb to 100% before eventually crashing out or freezing the system - that would require killing firefox.exe manually.

The upgrade to version 2.0 didn't solve it either.The restore session in FF 2.0 is useful in case of crash,but when it happens 4 times in 6 hours,it is not a solution.

The Fix? Disable all the extensions. I use abut 10 extensions. Some functionality has been lost,but it has fixed the crashing & CPU problem. This isn't a discovery by any means,but a well known solution.Just wanted to let it be known that it did work very well.Firefox 2.0 is not buggy,but the extensions are.(Don't bother about FF 2.0's certification on the compatibility of the extension.It certified 7 of my 10 extensions as compatible & disabled the others.But that didn't fix the problem.Disabling did.)

Or you can try running FF in safe-mode,wherein all extensions,themes are disabled.Once you have a stable FF,you can try enabling the extensions one by one until you find the one that crashed the problems. Extensions are slowly being updated by their respective developers for compliance with FF 2.0,so it may be a while before your favourite extension works once again . Until then,rather not have the extension at all instead of a unstable browser.

However,some minor bugs are there..
Like,the first time I Middle- click/Left-click a link, doesn't open it in new tab - rather jumps to the present page top. Clicking the link for the second or third time does open it in a new tab.[This bug appears randomly but often].

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