September 29, 2007

When buying keyboard...

While there are many guides on th net for what to look for when buying keyboard, They seem to miss this...something I learned the hard way..

You'd sure check the functions,sounds demos etc.We' d even check whether the keys are ok & on same level- otherwise it would easily catch the eye right?There lies the problem.In my case the keyboard looked perfect when I saw it in the showroom. It was only after I got home & had a look at it from a distance I noticed the undulation of the keys - some were up or down - just not perfectly on same level.

It wouldn't cause any hinder when playing the keyboard, but I could do without it.

So if you are buying a keyboard, step back a few feet & see if the keys are all on the same level.



Blogger drashkum said...

listen to munbe vaa starting which i have played for which u have asked in ifk in

October 03, 2007  

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