July 20, 2006

Blogs to be unblocked soon ??

Finally some hope for the bloggers in India - Looks like the blog block in India will be gone in 48 hours if Amitabh Singhal, a spokesperson of the Internet Service Providers Association of India is to be believed.

He has acknowledged that the ISP's mistook the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) notice and blocked entire blog domains.

Here's a quote from the Rediff article :
"An advisory is being sent from ISPAI to member ISPs saying they should configure their Domain Name Servers (DNS) in such a way that they block only the sub-domains DoT wants blocked," said Singhal, adding, "It would help if, in future, DoT could also mention the mechanism by which sites should be blocked."
What ,our ISP's are saying they dont know how to block a sub-domain? These companies provide internet for 40 million Indians ! [ India is the world's fourth largest internet user btw]. Who are they trying to bluff??? Clearly all the ISPs had decided in unison to block the whole sites.

Now singhal says an advisory has been sent to ISP's to blockonly the sub-domains DoT wants blocked....

But here's the more worrying part - this is not the official reasoning - but sites were blocked on the grounds that they had articles against Sonia Gandhi & Indian Muslims........

Wow ! So If you write a article against the congress president your blog will be blocked?
India wants to emulate China on internet censorship & control ??

Thanks to Shivam Vij for his coverage.



Anonymous Roger A. said...

Why would the ISPs go and block the entire sites? Its bad business!! The more ocnsumers use the internet, the more these companies can make money. Its time they grow up and stand up to the government,like Google did to the US govt!

July 28, 2006  

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