July 10, 2006

A 720 Megapixel Image

Came across two great images today & I have to share it!

The first is a picture of Sydney Harbour at a resolution of about 720 Megapixels!! That means you can zooooom into the pic to the point where you can see inside every one of those windows !

Below you can see the what the above pic looks like when zoomed [the area marked by arrow]

The image size is over 1 GB,but you can see it using Flash.....Link Here.

The other image is a extreme close up of Velcro .....@ 94x magnification!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do you acquire a 720 megapixel image? Mosaic?

September 30, 2006  
Blogger in2mind said...

Multiple images & then stich it up.

Tech details here:

September 30, 2006  

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