June 23, 2006

Is Chennai the kindest city ?

Posts like these that say Chennai is the kindest city ,although nice to read,baffle me - even though Iam a Chennai-ite.. Mostly these judgements come from a collection of one-off incidents.You can sure find equal number of those who say "chennai is the worst" - usually from people-not necessarily from the north, who find it tought to adjust to this society that is very different from the ones they were brought up in.

Personally,I found people in Mumbai to be more courteous than the people here.One of my friends in Chennai put it this way "Ingellam makkal avanga vellaiya pathutu povanga.Anga theriyathavungaluku kooda help panuvanga" [Meaning People mind their own business here, they are not interested in helping strangers ].Thats from his experience there..

For a few months I worked in the sales dept of my company in Mumbai.Being in sales,I usually had to visit atleast 10 offices a day & each of the person I met would offer tea or at the minimum will offer water. In the last few months I have been in Chennai doing the same kind of job,you'd be surprised to know that of the 150 odd offices I have visited ,only one person ever offered water.You may think this is a petty issue,but I think it shows a great deal about being courteous.

People find the autorickshaws in Chennai to be ever ready to rip them off - more so if they sense they are new to the city. In a sharp contrast,Autos in Mumbai stick to the meter reading &they respect the minimum that has been set by the Govt - Unlike in Chennai,where the real minimum set by the Govt is Rs.7 ,but the practical minimum is usually 15 bucks.

Another thing that shocked me about the Mumbai taxi's was that they keep a box full of change
so as to always give back the balance amount to the customer!

So is either of these cities really kind? Or is it just a case of grass being greener the other side?



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