July 3, 2006

Things people do !

This one's about my neighbour.She said " The last few days have been very hectic.I've had to take him to hospital everyday.He has broken his legs when playing". They go the hospital to have a fresh band of plaster & as soon they return home,he removes it all ! He is given the medicines daily by her. The docs have said that his legs have to be operated upon.He'll be under observation for 15 days & then they will decide whether his body can withstand the operation...

If you are thinking " What is so interesting about this? " ,well the point is, the 'he' thats being referred to throughout is a Cat !

Ok. If you are the kind who says "Cats have to be taken care too .Whats wrong in it ! ", nothing wrong as such.But it puzzles me no end, why people bring upon problems to themselves like this !



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