July 5, 2006

The iPod Your company 'gifted' may not be yours after all.....

Yes.If you are celebrating with the latest video iPod your company gifted, think again- for,it might not be 'yours' in the exact sense.Companies that reaped a good bounty these days seem to reward their employees with a ipod to everyone one of them.Employees are ofcourse only too happy to listen to it or gift it to relatives or sell it.

Bringning a jolt to those people ,National Semiconductors, a electronics giant of USA ,which had only recently 'gifted' iPods to its employees has asked those who have been laid off recently to return their iPods or pay a 'fair' market price to the company !

Earlier this year Cognizant Technologies gifted a iPod to all the employees on payroll at that time to celebrate reaching the $1bn revenue milestone.While I dont think Cognizant would do something as lame as NS ,people should be aware what companies can do.


Blogger Jeevan Rag said...

Its shocking to hear how Corporates could treat their employees

June 14, 2008  

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