July 17, 2006

Indian ISP's Block Blogs

I assumed it was another one of's downtimes tonight,until I saw's RSS feed "Are ISP"S Blocking Blogs?".Turns out that indeed they are!

Apparently,it seems the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN) , an Indian Govt body , has sent a 22 page list of sites to be blocked to ISP's & this has resulted in the blocking of blogs hosted on blogspot, typepad & even Geocities among others.

While I had noticed none of the pages hosted on geocities [ including] were accessible for the last 15 days,It never occured to me that they were actually being blocked - Why would Geocities be blocked?

I called up the Airtel customer care & they did acknowledge that blogspot pages were blocked but couldnt comment further.As for geocities,seems like they didnt know it & asked me to run tracert,ping etc and check.

They said they would check at their server end and revert back to me....

But here's the funny part - bloggers can still post to blogspot since the posting page is However the blog itself hosted on cannot be seen :p



Anonymous Roger A said...

Are we in China or something? Whatever happened to democratic and free institutions? Has the govt become so autorcatic to block entire web-services? We should certainly not take this lying on our back.

July 18, 2006  

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