December 1, 2006

Kannada/Telugu singers in tamil songs

Some of the Telugu / Kannada voices introduced in tamil music seem to have gone sadly
unnoticed.Not that there are many ,but they haven't been utilized by music directors other than the one who introduced them.

One such telugu singer with a very soft melody voice is Sumangali, who has sung a lot of songs in telugu films,mainly for Devi Sri Prasad's music.She has sung the hit song from Aaru "Paakatha ennai paakatha".

The other is a more recent Kannada singer Chaitra Gopinath, introduced in the tamil film "By2" for the excellent song "En Kaalgal" by Vijay Antony.

On the other hand hindi singers seem to have really caught the tamil music directors attention - Udit Narayan,Shreya Ghoshal to name a few.

I'am not against hindi singers or anything ,but I just want other talented singers to be given chances as well - instead of hearing those same famous voice over and over again in every film.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shreya Ghoshal has a combination of divinity, freshness, sweetness and vibrancy all rolled into one voice. She is my all time favourite singer. Check out

December 07, 2006  

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