May 18, 2008

Reduce MP3 file size for use with mp3 players like ipod

If you need to fit more songs in to your ipod or creative zen or whatever mp3 player, mp3 file size can be reduced by reducing the bitrate of the song. After all what is the use of large > 10 MB song files encoded at 320 Kbps CBR that you are going to listen only in portable mp3 players that too at noisy places? In these players it is hard top make out much difference between 128 Kbps & 320 Kbps file.

By converting your existing mp3's to a lower bitrate - which is re-encoding additional sngs can be added. While there are a lot of free mp3 bitrate reducing softwares available on internet most make you suspicious about spyware/malware.

A good option is WINLAME which is a open source project & its free too.
Simply select the input file, select target bitrate & convert!

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