May 6, 2008

Recent tamil songs that are good

Not been blogging thought I'll at least post a list of recent Tamil songs that are good..Its a easy list since they are so few..

1 .Anbe En Anbe (Dhaam Dhoom - Harris Jeyaraj)
Begins with a melody on flute - song sounds like yuvan shankar rajas 'Enthan vanamum neethan' at first hearing - but after a few listens, I feel this song has its own merits...

2. Sakiye (Dhaam Dhoom - Harris Jeyaraj)
Another one of those Harris - Bombay jayshree combination songs but this is different too - the inro male chorus is good

3. Ka Karuppanukkum (Dasavatharam - Himesh Reshammiya)
A fast racy song sung by Shalini - you could say the style (not the tune) is akin to 'Maramkothiye'..

4. Mukundha Mukundha (Dasavatharam - Himesh Reshammiya)
A sweet melody from Sadhana sargam - (sounds like so many other songs for short durations - overall nice one)

5. Oh Ho Sanam Remix (Dasavatharam - Himesh Reshammiya)
The typical Himesh song from bollywood in tamil - enjoyable - just that figuring out the lyrics is a game :)

6. Ulaga Nayagan (Dasavatharam - Himesh Reshammiya)
Fast thumpy song - Singer Vinth has done well on this one - fresh voice.

Update on 15/5/2008

1. Thaen Thaen (Kuruvi - Vidyasagar)

2. Oru Naalukul (Yaradi nee mohini - Yuvan Shankar Raja)



Blogger kumar.s.r said...

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May 25, 2008  

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