June 8, 2006

Chennai & CAS

How long does Chennai have to suffer CAS [Conditional Access System]?
The Soccer Worldcup has started & for vast majority of chennai-ites ,the only way they keep track of it is through Newspaper & news channels. The central govt has said that CAS would come into effect all over India soon [ thats suppose to take another 2 years].Until that happens, Chennai people wont be treated on par with rested of India.But there may be respite in the form of DTH [Direct to Home].Already DD & Dish TV offer DTH services.In the coming months Tata & Sun are set to offer DTH services. While Dish TV has registered a spurt in subscribers due to the world cup,there is a wide userbase yet to adopt the new technology.This may change after the arrival of Tata & Sun w.r.t to TN.


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